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The “Kookiest-Spookiest” attraction on old Hunt’s Pier, the Whacky Shack graced the boardwalk of Wildwood for many generations. In operation from it’s creation in the 1960’s up until the 1990’s, the Whacky Shack was one of the most unique dark rides Bill Tracy built for the Pier. From it’s crazy architecture to the kooky crazies in side, it was much fun as it was scary to ride.  



Originally known as the Devil’s Inn, it was decided to retheme the building after a short time in operation. It was completely reimagined in it’s entirety with Bill Tracy as its lead designer to fit with the rest of the unique looking attractions of Hunt’s Pier.  Through the years Whacky Shack would get many upgrades, expansions and paint jobs, even a name change later on to Hunt’s Horror after the pier was sold. But in the end, it was the façade of the ride that would ultimately define it and recognizable to everyone who vacationed in Wildwood. While Bill Tracy went on to make many other attractions with the name Whacky Shack, the original in Wildwood stood alone from the rest.



Our artist Michael Yannette was sure to include some of the original pieces, including props and animatronics to pay proper homage to this fantastic ride. This is the first of this series where Mr. Yannette actually designed the building itself to include as much detail as possible and capture the unique architecture of this iconic dark ride. It is also the first of the series that is not based on any other existing poster.



Get this third of a series of reimagined posters of bygone haunted attractions today!



• Currently sized at 11” x 17” & 24" x 36"



• Signed by the artist himself


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