NEW for 2022!

With the creative talents of William Dodson and Michael Yannette comes the latest in Thanatos Productions repertoire of services for your needs. Introducing Custom Soundtracks!

With award winning composer William Dodson and Michael Yannette, master craftsman of sound and voice, Thanatos Productions is now capable of turning your project into a complete masterpiece!  A gothic manor, a diabolical asylum, creepy carnival, fearful forest… there is no limits to your imagination. We can make your nightmares into reality by helping immerse your scenes with a symphony of horrors.

Looking for something less frightening and more fun? Not to worry… We have you covered. From pillaging pirates, to whimsical castles, to the old west… we can make it as fun or exciting as you would like. With the power of sound, your patrons will feel they have been transported directly to the place that you desire.

We are sure we have the right package for you and your budget. Our team can put together an array of different tracks for your attraction. Email us today at






Official Discography:

Ravenscroft Manor - Haunted Attraction & Fundraising Event 
Official Attraction Soundtrack - (2021)

 Music composed by William Dodson & Featuring the Voice Talents of Michael Yannette
(Official album artwork created by Thanatos Productions LLC - 2021)

Track List:

• The Baron Welcomes You
• A Horrible Night For A Curse
• Summoning The Eldritch Terrors
• Rondo of Ravenscroft Manor
• His is the House of Pain
• What Lurks in the Dead Corn Field
• Chase into the Throat of Chaos
• Clown Carn-Evil
• Docteur Grand-Guignols Sideshow of Horrors
• Baphomet Rides Out
• Thanatos Rising
• The Army of Thanatos


Album will be available for purchase at

 Stay Tuned!