Voice Overs


Have a great character in mind to help talk about your haunt but just don't have the right person in mind? Not to worry. Here at Thanatos Productions, we offer many varieties of voices to speak to your guests. Some iconic voices like the Ghost Host of the Haunted Mansion, a mad doctor, an old witch, just to name a few. We can help you achieve that gruesome character for your attraction.
Maybe you are looking for something a little less frightening and a bit more fun? We have you covered. We can have these clips be as fun or frightening, comedic or as serious as you want. Including different pitches and accents.
Wither you have a prewritten script or need one written, our team at Thanatos Productions can work with you to get your message just right. Files can be used for audio loops, recordings for animatronics or even radio spots & TV Ads. We are sure we have the right package for you and your budget. Our voice team can put together an array of different clips.
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"Having worked with Michael on several projects, he takes direction and is very clear about his craft. Michael knows how to deliver your request. Not only is Michael professional, he understands what it takes to delivery. Each time Michael has done a tremendous job, I am so happy to have Michael in my video work, as well is animatronic voices, and doorbell voices. He is outstanding and easy to work with."

~ Topher Adam (Imafoolishmortal.com)


"Michael made everything nice and easy for us. He worked with our wedding party to make the perfect custom Haunted Mansion themed wedding for us. Michael's ability to replicate Paul Frees's voice is impeccable and during the script process was even able to capture the spirit of the Ghost Host himself. He made sure he had a lot of wit and humor with the seriousness. We highly recommend booking him if you can. You won't be disappointed."

~ George and Aubrey Santos 


"At Kersey Valley Attractions we are always expanding and innovating with new ideas.  When we built a railroad attraction around the farm we knew the audio announcer had to be top notch.  I personally knew right away who I wanted to be the voice of our amazing train ride.  Look no further than the amazing talents of Michael Yannette for your next project.  All Aboard!"

~ Tony Wohlgemuth (Owner of Kersey Valley Attractions)


"I had the pleasure of meeting Michael through a mutual friend last year when I was looking for a voice match for the Ghost Host at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. We were producing a large 50th anniversary gala to celebrate the occasion. Not only did he do an amazing job of replicating the voice and feel, he was able to record it from his home studio and send me the file with just a days turn around. If you’re looking to really take your production to the next level, don’t leave it to an amateur, make the small investment and hire a professional who really takes the time to develop his skill. We used his recordings to make the opening announcements and dinner instructions at the gala as well as a welcome on our website. It really made a difference, that attention to detail and the fans really appreciated hearing that familiar voice!" 

~ Ernie Alonso (Haunted Orange County)



"The Fiddler of Kersey Valley" created for the 2019 season for Kersey Valley SpookyWoods

"Smugglers McCaw" the voice created for Imafoolishmortal.com

The "Ghost Host" for Imafoolishmortal & Thanatos Productions

"Baron Von Ravenscroft" Entrance Recording for Ravenscroft Manor Haunted Attraction and Fundraising Event

"A Swinging Wake" Disney's Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Gala Welcome Page.

(More Coming Soon - Please visit www.facebook.com/omghosthostvoices for samples)