Ravenscroft Manor

"Welcome to Ravenscroft Manor, I am the master of the house. You think you are up to the task to face the horrors beyond? We shall see!"

Ravenscroft Manor is a haunted attraction that was created in 2019 in part with Shido-Kan Karate Dojo & Thanatos Productions as a fundraiser. All proceeds go to benefit an all girls Scout Troop, Troop 259 of Mahwah, New Jersey. 

The manor is a pop up haunt that is created by transforming the Shido-Kan Karate Dojo into a full fledged, multi-room haunted attraction complete with animatronics, special effects and live actors. Most of which consist of the scouts themselves. During the process, the scouts are taught all of the behind the scenes secrets on how a haunted attraction is created.

The scouts are trained by:

Set Designers

Learning how to do set up and design scenes.


Make-up Artists

Learning various techniques on how to create their characters using stage make up, airbrush and prosthetics. 

Experienced Haunted Attraction Actors

Training the scouts on the art of the scare using different acting techniques through body movement, blending with their scenes and patron engagement.

2020 Season

October 23rd to October 24th

6pm to 8pm - 9pm to 11pm


Admission Fee: $5.00 (all proceeds go to the scouts)

(More information to follow)

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