Laser Swamp Kits

The infamous laser swamp system that has been a new frontier for the haunt industry is available now at Wether you’re a home haunter, hosting a party, building a haunt, or taking your haunt to the next level... the Laser Swamp makes a big impact!

With the use of a hazer fog machine, lasers create an illusion of glowing water (Blue), Swampy water/slime/toxic waste (Green) or Blood (Red) in a room. The fog and laser combination also allows your actors and props to hide under the veil of light and pop out of the mist without being seen till it’s too late. We even offer 2 Prop Sets that comes with everything you could possible need to set your scene up. Like all our kits, it includes the hazer fog machine and lasers. But it’s these “All-In-One” sets, you also get animatronics, static props and decor!

Get your Laser Swamp today... before it’s drained!