Thanatos: The God of Death


Based on the greek god of Death, Thanatos Productions LLC President Michael Yannette created this character of Thanatos as a showcase to all aspects of his vision:

The use of new and ground breaking products to create a unique looking creature of the underworld.

Designing his robes using quality materials and haunted attractions wardrobe techniques, and finally...

orking with industry recognized designers to help complete the look of this being of nightmares.

      ince the dawn of time Thanatos, son of Nyx (Goddess of the Night) and Erebos (God of Darkness) and twin brother to Hypnos (God of Sleep), has served as the God of Death. His main purpose is to escort the souls of the righteous to the gates of the gods... And the damned to his younger brother Charon, the ferryman of the River Styx in the Underworld. Long through the ages Thanatos has controlled the Nine Harbingers of Death, nine guardians to help their master with his work.

      Over the millennia, Thanatos had guided his followers of the Order of the Nine to build him a grand temple in the ancient kingdom of Wallachia, a land of endless wars and death that lasted hundreds of years, offering the perfect environment of the order and the god of death to thrive.

      After many centuries, Thanatos went into a deep slumber as the Nine continued his mission, only appearing in times of great death. Now, Thanatos' Temple has been disturbed by an ancient evil that has sought to bring the God of Death back to the land of the living.  One night during a ritual... the High Priest of the Order of the Nine was carrying out the annual tribute to their god on Walpugisnacht  when he suddenly became violently ill under the persuasion of this ancient evil. Thanatos began to manifest but latched onto his his faithful servant to save him... and emerged from the High Priest's body. These dark forces have resurrected Thanatos and he can no longer rest until his dark master's will commands it. 

      Thanatos has risen to cultivate and cleanse the world of the damned... To what end, who can tell?  All the while, the mysterious "master" lurks unseen... waiting in the shadows. Do you dare approach Thanatos? Do you dare cheat him of his obligations to the gods?

      Thanatos is available for photos at most events that Thanatos Productions attend.  Please feel free to stop by our booths and introduce yourselves.  

      Hope to see you ... around!