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"Stillwalk Manor, a haunted mansion on New Jersey's Coast, was owned in the mid-eighteenth century by the Stillwalk family...  until tragedy and madness struck. Captain James Stillwalk lived in the Manor with his mother, Helen. Rumors said that the seafaring captain, known as an eccentric, kept a hidden collection of instruments of torture.  On his last voyage, legend has it that he and his crew of thirty turned to piracy. When Stillwalk and his men returned to the Manor to divide the spoils, fierce fighting broke out. By the next day, every member of the crew was dead. The Captain had used his secret collection.


Still walk was never seen outside the mansion again. It is said that he and his mother both became insane from isolation. Today, no one dares live in the mansion. The vengeful spirits of the slain crewmen are believed to stalk its halls..."


Unlike the former haunts of the Jersey Shore, none had such a tale of revival and tragedy then that of Stillwalk Manor.  Originally known as Nightmare Manor on Casino Pier on the boardwalk of Seaside Heights, Stillwalk was the product of a remodeling and upgrade of its former self.  This attraction however was a ride through haunt.  With the help of Halloween Productions, Stillwalk's opulent renovations and impressive colonial facade offered a wind of re-invigoration to the haunts and dark rides of the shore.  It was a fantastic success complete with upgraded scenes, animatronics, peppered with little bits of its of it's former self, like the large devil head.


Don't think we forgot Nightmare Manor... oh no.  That we will revisit soon...


Tragically in 2012, Stillwalk Manor, the Jet Star Rollercoaster and a few other attractions from Casino Pier were lost to the raging ocean caused by Superstorm Sandy.  While the images of the Jet Star rising from the waves of the ocean captured the nations attention visually, the visage of the manor would be lost to only memory.

Our artist, Michael Yannette, created this poster as a tribute to this great attraction.

Get this sixth of a series of re-imagined posters of bygone haunted attractions today!


• Currently sized at 11” x 17” & 24" x 36"

• Signed by the artist himself


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