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"The Haunted Mansion at Long Branch is a living, breathing nightmare of more than 30 incredible rooms each with it's own very special surprise. Wander through is myriad of secret passageways and winding labyrinths, discover the graveyard of the living dead and its un-imagined terror. There is Renfield and his spiders... and the Prince of Darkness, Count Dracula and many more waiting for you at the Haunted Mansion in Long Branch... It's waiting for you!"

The Infamous Haunted Mansion of Long Branch, New Jersey was one of the Titans of the Jersey Shore haunts along with Castle Dracula of Wildwood and Brigantine Castle.  Built by Pat Cicalese,  Carmine Ricci of Brigantine Castle and Thomas Ricci in 1977 on a pier in Long Branch owned by the Sowul family. The three created a new company Ric-Cic and spent $1,000,000 dollars building the massive three floor attraction and opened to the public in 1978. Unlike it's titan cousins, the Haunted Mansion was closer to the Northern New Jersey and New York crowds and advertised heavily in that area to help allure those who lived closer.  Pat would later buy out the Ricci brothers and expand the pier, bringing in more rides and attractions to help combat against the newly opened Sesame Place in Pennsylvania, calling his amusement pier, Kid's World.

The Mansion and it's owner was flourishing until the dreaded fate of most of the haunts in New Jersey came way to soon in it's short lifetime.  On June 8th, 1987 the pier caught fire and the mansion, along with most of the pier and additional business were up in smoke. While plans were originally in place to rebuild, that dream was unfortunately lost and did not come to fruition. Only the memory remains.

Our artist, Michael Yannette, created this poster as a tribute to this great attraction that terrorized the northern-most shores of New Jersey's beaches. 


Get this fifth of a series of re-imagined posters of bygone haunted attractions today!


• Currently sized at 11” x 17” & 24" x 36"

• Signed by the artist himself


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