Dark Rides of the Jersey Shore - 2021 Edition Poster

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In the history of amusement rides, no state in America has ever been able to boast the amount of Dark Rides that have existed in New Jersey, let alone the Jersey Shore. At one time, all of these great rides were in operation at the same time.


While other dark rides were in existence during this time, the ones featured on this poster are perhaps the most well known. The artist included Stillwalk Manor since it was a renovation to Nightmare Manor  (The Nightmare Manor Poster is still in development and will be released soon.) However of all of the attractions on this list, only one truly remains and can still be visited at it's new location under it's new retheming... The Golden Nugget.  It can be visited at Knoebels's Amusement Resort in Elysburg, PA as the Black Diamond - Mine Ride.


Which was the longest running? Starting with the oldest, the "Ye Old Mill" (Tunnel of Love Boat Ride built in 1919) would be rethemed to the attraction "Arabian Nights" (1966) and its final iteration was the infamous "Dungeon Moat Ride" of the dual attraction behemoth "Castle Dracula" (1977 to 2002).  That gives a combination of 83 years in operation!


If you were to combine the past history of Castle Dracula with the rest of the attractions featured in this poster, you would have over 200 years of horror on the shore of New Jersey, and a combined number of patrons in the millions.  Each with it's own theme, it's own design and it's own history.  Enjoy this poster as part of your collection of our Haunt Nostalgia Posters!


Our artist, Michael Yannette, created this poster as a tribute to this great attraction!


• Currently sized at 11” x 17” & 24" x 36"

• Signed by the artist himself

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