Castle Dracula - The Official Attraction Soundtrack

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By far the most anticipated release of our Castle Dracula collection, Thanatos Productions in collaboration with esteemed co-owner of Castle Dracula & Nickels’ Midway Pier, Angelo Nickels presents the Official Soundtrack of Castle Dracula - Walkthrough and Dungeon Boat Ride.

Relive the memories with each track as you listen to each moment while hearing the infamous deep bass of Bach’s “Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor”. Unlock the nightmarish scenes from the dungeon boat ride, to the live execution on the guillotine in the upper floors of the castle walkthrough.

Each track has been painstakingly remastered by Thanatos Productions master musician William Dodson to bring you a blast from the boardwalk past. Bring home and listen to the creepy and somewhat calming sounds of the scariest attraction to ever grace the Wildwood Boardwalk!


Artwork by Michael Yannette