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The great Castle Dracula stood tall and menacing on the Wildwood Boardwalk in New Jersey from 1977 to 2002.  A giant black castle, playing Tocatta in Fugue in D Minor across the boards... beckoning the brave to try and challenger it. Castle Dracula was a double attraction. One being the Dungeon Moat Ride, floating through a sea of human blood deep beneath the castle walls. The second was the two floor walkthrough attraction with great theatrics, one of a kind props and fang-tastic actors. Rumor has it the Castle was created with the help of former Disney imagineers to create this massive demon castle.

Our artist Michael Yannette decided to take the rumor and made this Ghoulish poster as a tribute to Castle Dracula and to the Disney Haunted Mansion (to which a lot of this poster is inspired by.)

Get this first of a series of reimagined posters of bygone haunted attractions today!

• Currently sized at 11” x 17” & 24" x 36"

• Signed by the artist himself


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