Castle Dracula - Beach Towel

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* Second Round of presales start 5/26!

NOTE: This is a PRESALE and will be made to order! These Preorders will be available until 6/15. Notifications will go out once stock is finished and ready to send out. 

There is no better way during the summer to style & profile than the design you’re sporting on your towel! While Thanatos Productions wasn’t the first to design one, our Castle Dracula Beach Towel certainly have the most impact!

The 1st in our Haunt Nostalgia line of towels celebrates the infamous Castle Dracula - Walkthrough & Dungeon Boat Ride haunted attraction that once stood in Wildwood, New Jersey.

The artwork features the classic Castle Dracula logo with some bits and pieces of the castle itself. This massive beach towel is sure to make a statement on the beach or on the boards this summer.  

By land or by sea… we hope you enjoy this fang-tastic beach towel & support the last of the Three Titans of New Jersey… for legends never truly die!


Dry responsibly!