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“Welcome to the Brigantine Hall of Ancestors… For centuries the inhabitants you see immortalized upon these walls, have looked down on many visitors. On that wall, Brigantine’s Princess and Prince. Our beautiful children of the night. Here, Count Alucard… and his most charming wife… the Countess Demuerta. Finally, look to the seventh son of Castle Brigantine, the Earl of DeSade, who takes pleasure in your pain. Through that door… the King and Queen of Castle Brigantine, who have awaited your arrival for more than two hundred years… Go!”


The Infamous Brigantine Castle of Brigantine, New Jersey was one of the Titans of the Jersey Shore haunts along with Castle Dracula of Wildwood and Long Branch Haunted Mansion. Built by Carmine Ricci in 1976 on an old fishing pier, Brigantine Castle was the figurehead for an amusement complex that also featured an arcade, restaurant, gift shop and miniature golf. The castle itself offered an impressive façade, one of a kind props and sets, a great troop of actors and custom voice narrations in specific areas. For example, the Oracle of Brigantine would offer you a cryptic fortune of your life and tell you what awaited you further into the castle halls. It is estimated that the castle and amusement pier would help bring in close to a million tourists annually to Brigantine.


Sadly, the castle met its demise largely due to a tragedy elsewhere in state in 1984. Eight teenagers lost their lives in a fire in the Haunted Castle attraction in Six Flags Great Adventure due to poor building statutes and code enforcement. The aftermath would cause many haunted attractions not only state wide but nationally to have their attractions up to much stricter codes and safety measures to prevent such a tragedy to occur again.  May attractions fiscally could not afford the immediate overhaul of their facilities and Brigantine was forced to close its doors.  3 years later, before demolishing began the abandoned castle would be lost to a fire, never to haunt the shores of Brigantine again.

Our artist, Michael Yannette, created this poster as a tribute to this great attraction and is a reimagining of an original piece of art created for the castle back in the 70’s & 80’s.


Get this fourth of a series of reimagined posters of bygone haunted attractions today!


• Currently sized at 11” x 17” & 24" x 36"

• Signed by the artist himself


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