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The Meat Eater Monster Mask is a gruesome monster mask. Large bloody butcher mask character with hand-painted eyes. Over sized meat eater head for major impact, terrifying eyes and teeth on extreme fat jowls. Mad Serial Killer, Insane butcher, diabolical butcher, gluttonous monster, mass murderer, bloody apparition, great for haunted house decoration

Proprietary face mold for an anatomical fit and natural movement in the face. The Perfect alignment to the eyes brings the character to life. Soft to the touch and face allowing for maximum comfort. Soft then yet extremely durable and resilient.

Unique character sculpts often used in feature films, short TV Shows and all manner of individual videos. 

This mask can be used comfortably and safely for a Trick or Treating Costume, Actor Mask in Theater Plays, TV Shows, Movies, Haunted House, Cosplay, Advertising Model Costume, Window Displays, and Costuming Prop etc.


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